Casthouse Aluminum Casting Filter supplier AdTech not only produces filters, but also produces and sells Casthouse, Molten Aluminum Degassing Unit, Castertip, Tap Out Cone, etc. Adtech products are sold all over the world, and many large aluminum factories are our customers.
The quality of our alumina ceramic foam filter plates can pass the test. It is very effective to use ceramic foam filter surface to remove impurities in molten metal, especially small inclusion particles.

Casthouse Aluminum Casting Filter

The purification mechanism of ceramic porous filter materials for molten aluminum is generally described as diffusion interception and inertial collision interception or through sieving, precipitation and deep bed filtration. AdTech is a supplier of ceramic foam filters. Our porous ceramic foam uses organic foam with a three-dimensional network structure and connects pores as a carrier to invade the thixotropic alumina material slurry. The ceramic foam filter adopts automatic extrusion equipment to make the slurry evenly distributed in the foam skeleton.

Choose Casthouse Aluminum Casting Filter
1. Choose the right porous filter material to improve the cleanliness of the aluminum melt. According to the impurity content in the aluminum melt, the flow rate of the melt flow and the quality requirements of the casting, the foam ceramic filter plate is selected.
2. The quality of impurities is large, and the quality of castings is average. You can choose the larger perforated mesh of the foam ceramic filter plate, and add coarse filter cloth in front of the filter plate. It can intercept large particles of slag and prevent the filter plate from clogging.
3. The quality requirements of casting products are very high. Choose a small mesh, that is, a new type of ceramic foam board with a large mesh.
4. The size of the filter plate depends on the flow rate of the melt and the total output. The flow rate is large, the total amount is large, the filter plate hole is small, and the selection specification is large.

The main performance of Casthouse Aluminum Casting Filter
Light transmittance is an effective non-destructive testing method for aluminum cast ceramic filter plate products and filter area, and it is also another important indicator to measure product quality indicators. The higher the light transmittance, the fewer blind holes and the more filter holes, the better the filter effect. All the light transmittances of the foam ceramic filter plates produced by our factory are above 95%, which does not take into account the reinforcement of each filter plate and the area of ​​the surrounding edges.
Porosity, pore uniformity, compressive strength and thermal shock performance are the four important physical and mechanical performance indicators of foam ceramic filter products. Porosity refers to the percentage of the volume of the cavity plate product to the total volume of the filter plate product. The porosity per unit volume determines the porosity of the foam ceramic filter plate. The greater the porosity, the greater the flow rate of the filter plate, and the stronger the filtering capacity, and vice versa.

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