Aluminum Scrap Recycling

In ordinary metallurgy, the charge for metal production is ore that is mined from the bowels of the earth. This mixture contains minerals – chemical compounds with the metal to be obtained. This charge also contains chemical compounds that do not include this metal element. They are called waste rocks. In addition to the useful metal, these ore minerals contain impurity elements. Separating these impurity elements from the useful metal is the main task of metallurgical production.

Aluminum charge
When remelting aluminum, the charge consists of scrap metal, which is found more on the ground than underground. However, the analogy between these two types of charge is much larger than it might seem at first glance. Aluminum scrap comes with its “waste” in the form of various parts of their other materials installed on it, as well as various coatings. This leads to the presence of a large number of impurities in the aluminum charge, which have a significant effect on the production of secondary aluminum alloys. To combat these impurities in the production of secondary aluminum alloys, additional technologies and processes have to be applied.

China Aluminum product export

Various aluminum alloys – wrought and foundry – affect the assortment and quality of secondary aluminum alloys in different ways. The difficulty in processing aluminum alloys is that after remelting, it remains within the tolerance for the presence of various impurity elements in the alloy.

Alloy compatibility in scrap remelting
At present, cast and wrought alloys of various series have very limited compatibility in chemical composition.

Thus, alloys of the series 1xxx, 2xxx and 7xxx are compatible only with alloys of their own series.

Alloys of the 3xxx series have limited compatibility with the 5xxx.x series of cast alloys, which contain a lot of magnesium as well as manganese.

5xxx series alloys are well compatible with 5xxx.x series cast alloys.

6xxx alloys have limited compatibility with casting alloys of the 3xxx.x, 5xxx.x and 4xxx series.

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Currently, aluminum alloys are being developed in the world that have wider compatibility for their future processing. This will make aluminum alloys even more environmentally and commercially attractive.

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