Use 20 Ppi Filter Foam during aluminum and aluminum alloy casting production.
178×178×50mm, 230×230×50mm, 305×305×50mm, 381×381×50mm, 432×432×50mm, 508×508×50mm, 584×584×50mm, a total of seven major specifications of foam ceramic Filter product.
Other specifications and models are required. Both supply and demand can be negotiated by both parties.

Ceramic Foam Filter Parameter Folding Dimensions and Shape Deviation
For the size and shape deviation of the foam ceramic filter, we mainly consider the side length tolerance which has a great influence on the use of the foam ceramic filter.
Diagonal length tolerance The plane gap thickness tolerance The deviation of the inclination angle is 5 indicators.
Use 20 Ppi Filter Foam to purify the molten aluminium. Contact Adtech China

Ceramic Filter Folding Light Transmittance
Transmittance refers to the effective filtration area of Ceramic Filter products.
The higher the light transmittance, the less blind holes are, and the more effective the filter holes (potholes), the better the filtering effect.

The foam ceramic filter plate to be inspected is placed on a light box with a built-in 200W incandescent bulb, and a square transparent plastic plate with a uniform 5.0×5.0 mm square is used to measure the light transmissive area of the large surface of the filter plate, thereby calculating the test. The light transmittance of the filter plate is used to determine the light transmittance of the filter plate. In this standard, the light transmittance (through hole ratio) of the filter plate is specified to be 95% or more.

Use 20 Ppi Filter Foam

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