Ceramic Foam Filter Ppi

Test conditions
The test sample was allowed to stand for 24 hours in a normal temperature and normal pressure environment.

Instruments and equipment
a) a gauge with a scale of 0.1 mm;
b) a balance with a graduation value of 10 mg;
c) dryer; d) thermometer.

Ceramic Foam Filter Ppi
experiment procedure
1. In the same batch of products, randomly sample three filter plates, on each diagonal of the sample, after removing 50-60mm at both ends, saw three (one set) side lengths of 50mm at equal distances. Cube test piece.
The dust and fine particles attached to the surface of the sample are brushed, dried in an electric drying oven at 110 ± 5 ° C for 2 hours or at a higher temperature allowed to dry to constant weight. It is naturally cooled to room temperature in a desiccator.
2. Weigh the mass of each sample to the nearest 0.01g.
Note: When the sample is dried until the difference between the last two weighings is not more than 0.1% of its previous one, it is constant weight.
3. Measure the side length of the cube sample to the nearest 0.1 mm. Measurements are taken at the center of each face, and the side length of each face is taken as the average of four measurements.

Ceramic Foam Filter Ppi

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