Use Asian Foundry Filters by the aluminium industry in India from Adtech China, which is on the verge of witnessing a major leap in consumption over the next five years.
Major producers are adding significant capacities and investing in new technologies to add more value to their downstream product portfolios.
In order to cash in on the increasing demand primarily in the building and construction sector followed by transportation (metro and high-speed railway coaches), electricals, electronic consumer durables, packaging (aerosol cans and pharmaceutical foils).

And next-gen applications like solar reflectors.
Defence is another sector where aluminium is being used for making naval ships and surveillance drones.

Use Asian Foundry Filters by Indian aluminium companies with downstream operations should further consolidate their R&D strategies to remain low-cost yet sustainable over the long term.
Here are the top ten aluminium product manufacturing companies in India who are remoulding their R&D strategies to find a bigger consumption pie in the domestic market and abroad.

Use Asian Foundry Filters

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