Molten Aluminum Filter Rusal has a non-stick coating, which is suitable for the production of high-quality molten aluminum and the purification process of physical adsorption and chemical erosion of high-demand aluminum alloys. It can effectively remove various oxidized inclusions generated during aluminum smelting, thereby Reduce casting defects, improve casting quality and ensure high productivity.
Molten Aluminum Filter Rusal must be preheated before use.
The filter plate is completely sealed in the aluminum water filter housing to ensure that all aluminum water passes through Molten Aluminum Filter and the total filtering capacity does not exceed the specified limit. If the amount of slag in the aluminum water is too high, multiple filtration or recovery steps should be used. The amount has been adjusted.

Molten Aluminum Filter Rusal

The characterization results show that the through-cell ratio of the foam with modifiers exceeds 90%, and the compressive strength is as high as 2 MPa. Taking into account the factors of material shape stability, add about 8% to the main component. Bentonite can optimize the modification effect of aluminum plant filters.

The principle of the aluminum degassing system is that the dissolved hydrogen will move from the high concentration area (in the melt) to the low concentration area (in the inert gas).
Hydrogen is dispersed in molten metal as if it is released into any confined space.
It will maintain a constant concentration throughout the melting process.
The propagation speed of hydrogen in liquid metal is almost as fast as the propagation speed in air.
Therefore, it is not necessary to expose every ounce of metal to inert gas. The efficiency of aluminum degassing is determined by two factors: the transport rate at the metal/gas interface and the total surface area available for transport.

Traditional hydrogen degassing systems allow special gases (chlorine, freon, or SF6) to bubble through the metal to accelerate the transfer of hydrogen into large bubbles through the metal-gas interface.
There is a practical limit to removing hydrogen in wet weather, because when large bubbles break the surface, it creates an increased metal surface area, which then absorbs more hydrogen from the humid atmosphere.

Chlorine was originally the gas of choice, but due to its hazardous nature, most foundries have switched to other gases. However, many foundries do not consider the hazardous materials released when any special gas fails.

UC RUSAL is one of Russia’s booming large companies and one of the world’s leading companies in the aluminum industry.

The company was established in March 2000, uniting the most powerful companies in the aluminum industry in Russia and abroad, forming a complete production process from raw material mining and processing to primary aluminum, semi-finished products, alloy aluminum and finished aluminum.
In April 2001, the company formally obtained the permission of the Russian Anti-Monopoly Ministry to raise funds through the shareholding of Russian companies participating in the company’s production process.
After completing this grouping process, the company’s capital has exceeded 8 billion U.S. dollars, thus entering the ranks of the world’s top three aluminum production.
The annual output of RUSAL’s aluminum is about 4.2 million tons, accounting for about 12% of the world’s aluminum output. The annual output of alumina is about 11.3 million tons, accounting for about 15% of the world market.
The company owns 15 aluminum processing plants, 12 alumina processing plants, 7 bauxite mining plants, 3 aluminum foil rolling plants and 2 cathode block production plants.
The daily output of various products of the company is approximately: 11,500 tons of aluminum, 31,000 tons of alumina, 53,000 tons of bauxite, and 197 tons of aluminum foil.
RUSAL is an export-oriented enterprise, 80% of its products are sold to the international market, and the main export product is primary aluminum.
However, the company strives to increase the proportion of deep-processed products to meet the needs of end users.
Now, the list of aluminum products provided by the company to customers covers a wide range. These products can be used in transportation, construction, oil exploration, metallurgy, machine manufacturing, instrument manufacturing, food industry and other industries.
RUSAL Corporation attaches great importance to product quality and production environmental safety. It is the first enterprise in Russia to promote the environmental management system in this industry and to pass the ISO14000 international environmental protection certification.

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