Foam Ceramic Filter Rusal Group produces high-quality cast products for aluminum foundries, reducing waste caused by impurities, reducing costs caused by impurities, achieving faster extrusion or hot rolling speeds, increasing productivity, and simplifying alloy replacement.
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Foam Ceramic Filter Rusal Group improves the microstructure and increases the output. As long as it is used on precision castings made of aluminum alloys such as aviation and transportation. Ceramic filter plate adopts a three-dimensional network structure and an organic carrier connected to the pores, penetrates special thixotropic and special molten ZrO2 high-quality materials, adopts automatic extrusion technology, the center distance is correct and the square grid, so that the slurry is evenly distributed on the foam Application carrier. The frame is baked and hardened at a high temperature of 1680°C, and has a bulky cotton body seal.
Ceramic filter plate specifications provided by our company
7 inch, 9 inch, 12 inch, 15 inch, 17 inch, 20 inch, 23 inch, 26 inch.

Foam Ceramic Filter Rusal Group

Russian metal giant United Co. Rusal International PJSC plans to divest its high-carbon assets and focus its business on the fast-growing green aluminum market.

Rusal, along with other manufacturers such as Alcoa Inc. and Rio Tinto Group, is promoting the development of so-called “green aluminum”, where automakers and other consumers charge premiums for metals with lower carbon footprints. As part of Rusal’s plan, management proposed to change the company’s name to AL+ in order to become a major player in this potentially lucrative market.

United Company RUSAL ( is the global market leader in the aluminum industry, accounting for approximately 12% and 15% of global aluminum and alumina production. The company was established in March 2007 by the merger of the alumina assets of RUSAL, SUAL and Glencore. UC RUSAL sells its products in 70 countries/regions and has 100,000 employees in 19 countries/regions on five continents.

ERM is employed by UC RUSAL to conduct environmental, health and safety (EHS) and social due diligence on the UC RUSAL product portfolio, including its bauxite mines, alumina refineries, aluminum smelters, foil factories, and cathode factories. ERM deployed employees in all regions to evaluate each asset and create relevant EHS and social risk profiles.

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