Foundry Filter Australia filters out the inclusions in the casting, reduces the gas in the casting, reduces the degree of turbulence in the metal flow during the filling process, reduces the surface defects of the casting, and significantly reduces the scrap rate of the casting.

Foundry Filter Australia improves the fluidity of molten metal, improves the filling ability and shrinkage ability of castings, improves the surface finish of castings, increases the compactness of castings, increases the elongation and tensile strength of castings, and improves the surface quality and mechanical properties of castings .

Foundry Filter Australia

It has high working strength at high temperature, chemical stability, thermal shock resistance and resistance to liquid metal flow shock.
It has high chemical stability, is not affected by the acidity and alkalinity of the metal melt, does not change the chemical composition of the metal liquid, and does not produce slag or cracking during work, ensuring the filtration quality of the metal liquid and the stability of the chemical composition.

The metal flow rate is large and the flow rate is stable (unlike the straight hole ceramic filter, the flow rate gradually decreases with the increase of the trapped impurity mass). Foundry Filter Australia’s filtering effect is much higher than other Foundry Filter.

The technology, equipment and management level of China’s foundry industry are still at the world’s advanced level.

Under this model, through continuous learning of advanced technology and management, aluminum alloy castings have undergone tremendous changes.

Technology and productivity are improving.

The detection method of the quality of aluminum liquid is also constantly improving. From the relatively primitive experience judgment, it still depends on the qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis of the equipment.

In quantitative analysis, different companies choose their own suitable methods (density equivalent method, vacuum method and direct reading of hydrogen content).

These devices can be produced in China, such as Adtech China, no different from foreign products.

China has begun to produce more and more high-quality aluminum alloy castings, and the requirements for molten aluminum are also increasing. This is a necessary way to improve the aluminum liquid purification equipment and process.

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