Ceramic Foam Filter Suppliers Australia is determined based on the impurity content in the molten aluminum, the flow rate of the molten casting and the final quality requirements of the as-cast product.

1. There are many impurities, and the quality of castings is average. Optional large mesh foam ceramic filter plate. Add glass fiber cloth coarse filter in front of the filter plate.
At this time, it is important to filter the semi-continuous casting with glass fiber cloth first. When opening the hole, the slag and the slag washed down by the flow groove can be retained to prevent the filter plate from being blocked.

2. High quality requirements for casting products, using a new type of small mesh foam ceramic filter, that is, large mesh. For example, AdTech ceramic filter plates use a three-dimensional network structure and organic bubbles connected to the pores as carriers to invade thixotropically. In the alumina slurry, the square center correction automatic extrusion process is used to make the slurry uniformly coated on the carrier foam skeleton, and baked and cured at a high temperature of 1180 ℃.
The liquid impurities of the aluminum alloy installed in the filter box are filtered to meet the production of high-value-added, high-tech performance aviation, transportation and other aluminum alloy precision casting.
Such as: computer hard disk, printed PS board base, can be made of materials, jet turbine engine fan blades and other products to achieve the desired cleanliness and achieve good results.

3. The choice of filter plate specifications depends on the melt flow rate and total flow. If the flow rate is large, the total throughput is large, and the filter plate pore size is small, the larger size is used.

Ceramic Foam Filter Suppliers Australia

Ceramic Foam Filter Suppliers Australia also depends on the color of the filter plate when choosing the filter plate, patting its body and burning its contents.

1. Pure color, no impurities, indicating that the material is even; if the hand is not sticky, it means that the surface is not sprayed with glue, which will not cause secondary pollution.

2. Hold the filter plate with one hand, and pat the filter plate with the other hand, and drip ceramsite residue continuously, indicating that the quality of the filter plate is poor and will cause secondary pollution of the aluminum liquid.

3. Use open flame or electric heating to burn red, and cool immediately at room temperature, without cracks and slag, indicating that it is a good filter plate.
When purchasing filter materials, the effective specific surface area or porosity calculation of the foam should be carefully evaluated.
Observe the uniform state of the mesh on the surface of the filter plate, and then observe the uniform state of the mesh on the cross section of the filter plate.
If possible, the porosity can be calculated using the drainage method.
The three-dimensional grid is uniform and the porosity is large. It is a foam ceramic filter plate with excellent performance.
Ceramic Foam Filter Suppliers Australia, please contact sales@adtechamm.com

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