Aluminium 7075 Foam Furnace Filter is mainly used to filter aluminum and aluminum alloys in foundries. This is an effective aluminum fusion filter. Three-dimensional connected network structure, high porosity, large slag collecting surface area, large internal surface area for filtering, low flow resistance and good filtering effect.

When casting products, Aluminium 7075 Foam Furnace Filter can remove molten metal inclusions, refractory waste, solid refractory alloys, impurities in sintered ore, eliminate turbulence, reduce casting porosity, and improve casting quality.
The aluminum alloy casting filter eliminates the turbulence of the metal flow, stabilizes the metal flow, and avoids spraying, splashing and collapse. Improve fluidity, pouring, processability, output and cost-effectiveness.
Remove a larger proportion of fine particles, reduce waste and rework
Lower pressure loss.
Provide consistent flow and capacity.
Various sizes, shapes and holes are available.

Increase in working capital
Removal of inclusions makes the metal more fluid, makes the mold easier to fill, the casting structure is better, and the thin-walled castability is better.
Aluminum alloy casting filter
Reduce mold wear
Removal of inclusions and other non-metallic debris from the melt will reduce mold welding and mold-metal interaction, thereby shortening the mold surface and service life.
Longer tool life
In the process of machining and finishing, oxides and intermetallic compounds will form “hard spots” and damage the tool. Filtering can reduce tool wear and increase productivity.
Don’t refuse
Inclusions will form holes and hot tears during the curing process, leading to surface defects, impairing appearance, and often reducing mechanical properties. In many cases, for these reasons, filtering reduces waste to almost zero.

Aluminium 7075 Foam Furnace Filter

ADTECH has been focusing on the manufacture of metallurgical materials.

ADTECH is one of the followers of the international enterprise, which has been focusing on the manufacture of metallurgical materials.
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6. Flux series
7. Other metallurgical materials

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