Ceramic Foam Filter Aluminum I is used in the field of aluminum melt filtration. Some domestic and foreign companies have developed from filtering straight-hole honeycomb ceramic plates and ceramic tiles to foam aluminum water filters in the current casting system.

Australian Molten Metal Filtration is a new type of industrial ceramic product with low bulk density (0.25-0.65) g/cm3, high porosity (60-90%), and a three-dimensional lattice structure.

It has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, cross penetration, and large special surface. It is widely used in the fields of metal melt filtration, high-temperature flue gas purification, chemical filtration, carrier conversion, and light and heat.

Ceramic Foam Filter Aluminum I has a significant effect on reducing the scrap rate of castings, improving the mechanical properties of castings, extending the life of metal cutting tools, and reducing overall costs.

Ceramic Foam Filter Aluminum Iran

my country’s aluminum liquid purification technology is developing rapidly, and the high-quality foundry production of enterprises has gradually increased, and the aluminum liquid purification technology has developed rapidly.

Manufacturers of melt refining equipment and experimental equipment include Selle, Foseco, AdTech, etc.

The aerospace industry places high demands on cast aluminum alloys.
Liquid aluminum refining adopts the operation method of rotating inert gas to form slag after degassing.
For the more demanding molten aluminum, it can meet the needs of the product after being treated with hexachloroethane.

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