Ceramic foam filter to remove oxidized components from an aluminum melt

Ceramic Foam Filter South Aluminum is currently the most effective tool for removing oxidized components in the aluminum melt.
Aluminum alloy refining technology is the most effective method to improve the quality of cast rods, and it is also the common goal of the cast aluminum industry.

The use and selection of Ceramic Foam Filter South Aluminum The ceramic foam filter plate are installed in the filter box between the furnace mouth and the distribution plate.
The filter box does not crack after repeated severe cold and impact and has the advantages of high strength and good insulation performance. It is currently the best material for making filter boxes and runners.
The closer the filter box is to the diuretic plate, the better, which can shorten the flow of the filtered aluminum liquid and reduce or prevent oxidation.
The molten aluminum is discharged from the furnace through the filter box and then flows to the distribution plate through the launder. When the filtration device is started, the melt will drop by about 50mm before and after filtration, but as the filtration time increases, the inclusions on the surface of the filter plate and the hole wall increase, and the filtration flow decreases. The drop before and after the increase increases, and by the end of casting, the drop increases to 60-120 mm.

Ceramic Foam Filter South Aluminum Iran

Therefore, the selection of ceramic foam filter should be based on the liquid flow rate of aluminum
Secondly, the purity of the melt, the maximum content of inclusions, and the total operating power of the melt must be considered.
When designing the filter device, according to the specifications of the selected filter plate, and considering the drop between the furnace mouth and the distribution plate, the filter plate is immersed in the molten aluminum when casting the melt.
In addition, it should be noted that the installation and disassembly of the parts are very safe and convenient. After the casting is completed, the aluminum liquid in the filter box can be completely discharged.
Practice on the surface of the filter plate proves that the ceramic foam filter plate is currently the most effective tool for removing oxidized components in the melt.
Generally, fiber filtration can only remove large components, and the ceramic foam filter can filter both large components and fine components at the same time.
The main function of the filter plate is to ensure its size and porosity. The greater the porosity of the filter plate, the worse the slag removal effect. For hard aluminum castings, filter plates with low porosity should be selected.

As of March 20, 2021, I’s aluminum production that year has risen by 61%, reaching nearly 500,000 tons. The total output of I’s four main aluminum smelters has reached 446,800 tons, compared with 278,300 tons in the same period of the previous year (as of March 2020).

Among them, I Aluminum (IRALCO) contributed the highest output with 185,000 tons; followed by Al Mahdi Aluminum (including Hormozal Aluminum) with 165,000 tons; Salco’s output exceeded 72,100 tons; Iian Alumina Corporation’s output reached 25,400 tons.

Since the United States imposed sanctions on I’s crude oil exports in 2018, I’s metal and mining activities have increased.

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