Ceramic Filter Wajhat Aluminum can purify molten aluminum and bring great benefits to its products (such as can blanks, exquisite decorative materials, PS plates). Manufacturers have the following obvious advantages for aluminum alloy profiles:
1. Increase extrusion output: When the filter plate is used to purify 15% of the extruded metal quality, we use a specific die for traceability, the extrusion speed is increased by 20%, and the production efficiency is increased by about 6063.
2. Extend the life of the mold and reduce the number of mold repairs.
3. Reduce compressive strength: When using filter plates to purify molten aluminum, the pressure of 6063 is 3% higher than the pressure without filtering.
4. Significantly improve the surface quality of aluminum profiles.

Ceramic Filter Wajhat Aluminum

Ceramic Filter Wajhat Aluminum uses the pore size to mechanically intercept large particles of mixed oxide, and the filter cake is used to filter small particles of mixed oxide.
It also has absorption and rectification capabilities. The production line uses Ceramic Foam Filters, which greatly improves the productivity of castings.
After adopting the foam ceramic filter in the automobile wheel factory, the production efficiency has increased from 65.3% to 71.5%, which saves 6% of the molten iron compared to the weight of the pouring lifter. The hardness of the filter casting is also greatly improved, thereby prolonging the service life of the tool.

Wajhat Aluminum engineer introduced the installation and function of ceramic filter plate
The efficiency of the ceramic foam filter plate is closely related to the correct installation.
At the same time, there is no need to reduce impurities during operation, such as waste smelting, heat treatment furnace, casting, etc.
To prevent the clean and filtered aluminum from being dangerously contaminated.

The installation and use of ceramic filter plates generally need to pay attention to the following aspects
The right filter plate selection
The size of the filter plate should consider the specific metal filter type, higher level, total amount of filtration, and cleanliness of the raw aluminum liquid.

Melt filtration pretreatment can not be ignored
Such as ordinary slag, furnace storage, furnace cleaning, purification, etc. On-line degassing device is still very necessary, because it can not only reduce the hydrogen content in the melt, but also remove some non-metallic impurities.

The filter plate must match the square high temperature filter box
It is easy to seal, can prevent the metal from infiltrating into the box from the gap, and can also prevent the foam filter plate from failing when the aluminum liquid is too light.

Warm up before use
Preheat to remove moisture and facilitate initial instant filtration. Electric heating or gas heating can be used for preheating. Under normal circumstances, about 15 minutes.

The normal filtration process does not require the presence of slag, which avoids the percussion and vibration of the filter plate. At the same time, enough water should be used to prevent the aluminum from moving too much.

After pouring, the metal and ceramic filter plates are emptied for cleaning. As a vibrator, it is fixed on the filter plate and vibrated for one minute to remove 75% of the liquid metal on the filter plate.

Finally, the surrounding ceramic filter plates are cleaned, and the filter plates are taken out after solidification.

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