Guiana Aluminium Furnace Filter captures the oxides and other inclusions in the aluminum melt to purify aluminum and aluminum alloys.

The aluminum liquid filter box is a special aluminum silicate filter box for the aluminum industry. Usually we call the foam ceramic filter box, a filter box made of steel shell and aluminum silicate lining.
During the filtration process, the aluminum melt passes through the foam ceramic filter plate and flows along the zigzag channel and the gaps on the filter plate.
The impurities in the aluminum melt are in contact with the surface of the filter plate channel under the action of deposition, inertia and interception.
Impurities remain firmly on the filter plate under the influence of pressure, friction, surface adsorption, etc.

Guiana Aluminium introduction-the filter plate should be preheated before use.
The filter plate should be completely sealed in the filter box to ensure that all aluminum water passes through the filter plate.
The total amount of filtration should not exceed the limit in the table above.
If the amount of slag in the aluminum water is too high, it should be adjusted by filtering repeatedly or reducing the output.

Guiana Aluminium Furnace Filter

Guiana Aluminium——For aluminum alloy profile manufacturers, the advantages of using ceramic microporous ceramic filter plate to purify aluminum
1. Improve extrusion efficiency
When using the filter plate to purify the 6063 alloy extruded billet, we tracked a specific die and found that the extrusion speed increased by about 20% and the productivity increased by nearly 15%.
2. Extend mold life and reduce mold maintenance times.
3. Reduce stress
When the 6063 alloy melt was purified using a filter plate, it was found that the extrusion force was lower than the unfiltered extrusion force by more than 3%.
4. Greatly improve the surface quality of aluminum profiles.
from above. In terms of reducing production costs and improving product quality, the use of ceramic foam filter plates to purify aluminum melt has great advantages.
Guiana Aluminium notified the aluminum casting manufacturer of Guiana of the purchase email of China filter plate

The filter plate of the aluminum factory can effectively remove various fineness of micron inclusions in the aluminum water, so that the aluminum water becomes a smooth laminar flow, which is good for filling.
It has good mechanical strength and chemical stability, as well as excellent aluminum cleaning.
Strictly control the pore size and through-hole ratio to achieve stable filtration.
The filter plate is surrounded by a sealed thermally-expandable ceramic fiber gasket, which helps the filter plate to be sealed in the filter box to ensure that no metal liquid is bypassed.

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