Use Alumina Filter to remove metal slag and solution of metal impurities are far stronger than several of the other filter media.
Use Alumina Filter to purify the molten aluminium with a combination of physics and chemistry.
Large inclusions in the filter surface are the physical screen, interception and tiny inclusions in the role of chemical affinity and be attracted to the Alumina Filter surface.

Therefore, effectively purify the molten aluminium from various sizes of casting product, including much smaller than the pores of the filter impurities.
Such Alumina Filter and comb the whole disordered molten metal flow, reducing turbulence, allows the molten metal flow to be smooth and clean.

Alumina Filter Classification
In accordance with its material, Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter as a molten aluminum filter for molten aluminum casting.

Use Alumina Filter with Installation
The filtration efficiency of Ceramic foam Filter of the aluminum plant is closely related to its proper installation and use.
At the same time, it is not possible to ignore the conventional and necessary measures taken to reduce the occurrence of inclusions in the process operations such as smelting, furnace treatment, and casting, because the filtration process is employed. It is also necessary to prevent re-contamination of the cleaned aluminum liquid after filtration.

Use Alumina Filter

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