Ceramic Filter Thailand can remove oxides on the surface of aluminum, thereby improving the quality of castings. Nowadays, more and more aluminum plate and aluminum foil manufacturers are using these filters.
The advantage of alumina ceramic foam filter is its high porosity. High filtration efficiency, convenient replacement, low cost and good adaptability. Solid inclusions can also be separated by liquid condensation filtration. The disadvantages are high temperature, short life (mostly for one-time use), and small filtration volume.

Adtech is one of the largest foundries and suppliers of ceramic foam filter products in the Thai market and the global industrial market. The company provides these high-quality filters to customers involved in the production of aluminum plates and foils.

Ceramic Filter Thailand

Advantages of Ceramic Filter Thailand products
It is estimated that despite the great benefits of using ceramic foam filters in molten aluminum and aluminum foil, and their products are pure (such as cans, car sequins, PS printing plates, etc.), aluminum alloy manufacturers have a lot to see. How many advantages. :
1. Improve extrusion efficiency.
When the filter is used to purify the 6063 alloy billet, the extrusion speed is increased by about 20%, and the yield is increased by nearly 15%.
2. Extend mold life and reduce mold repair time.
3. Reduce stress
4. Greatly improve the surface quality of aluminum profiles.

Ceramic foam filters for liquid aluminum are mainly used for filtering aluminum and its alloys in foundries and foundries. Because forged aluminum has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The filter removes contaminants, reduces residual gas and provides stratified flow. Therefore, filtering metal can improve casting quality, reduce waste and reduce inclusions, all of which can increase profitability.

-Reduce waste related to impurities
-Reduce costs associated with including defects.
-Improve production efficiency through higher extrusion or rolling speed.
-Increase the flexibility of casting, easy to replace the alloy
-No fixed metal

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