Ceramic Filter For Foundry Product is to filter the aluminum alloy liquid impurities installed in the filter box to meet the production of high value-added, high-tech performance aluminum alloy precision castings such as aviation and transportation. Such as: computer hard disk drives, printed PS substrates, can-making materials, jet turbine engine fan blades and other products.

The main features of Ceramic Filter For Foundry are as follows
1. High filtration accuracy and good effect.
2. High mechanical strength, stable chemical performance and good corrosion resistance.
3. High efficiency, high output, evenly arranged filter aperture.

Ceramic Filter For Foundry Product

Compressive strength of Ceramic Filter For Foundry
In the process of transportation and use of the ceramic filter plate, the filter plate must withstand a certain pressure impact from the outside. Therefore, an indicator is also introduced in the standard as an indicator to measure the quality of the filter plate. The higher the compressive strength, the more durable the product and the better the quality, and vice versa.

Ceramic Filter For Foundry ceramic filter plate advantages
1. Effectively remove larger inclusions in molten aluminum.
2. Effectively adsorb small inclusions of smaller particle size. No slag is dropped, effectively reducing the pollution of molten aluminum.
3. Good thermal shock resistance and improved molten metal corrosion resistance;
4. Automatic production line, three calibration procedures, accurate size, more in line with the filter box;
5. Improve surface quality, improve product performance, and improve microstructure.
It can effectively remove large inclusions in molten aluminum, adsorb micron-sized particles, improve surface quality, improve product performance, improve microstructure, and increase yield. It is widely used in aluminum, aluminum foil, aluminum alloy and other production fields.

Ceramic Filter For Foundry Product Instructions
1. Check the surface of the CFF BOX and keep the filter box clean and intact.
2. Gently put the filter plate into the CFF BOX, and manually press down the gasket around the filter plate to prevent molten aluminum from flowing or floating.
3. Preheat CFF BOX and Ceramic Filter For Foundry evenly to make it close to the temperature of molten aluminum.
The preheating temperature of the filter plate is not less than 260℃.
Preheating to remove the adsorbed water helps to open the initial filter aperture instantly, preventing heat rise and shrinkage to block some holes on the filter plate.
The preheating method can be electric heating or gas heating. Normal heating is 15-30 minutes.
Observe the change of the molten aluminum water head during casting, and maintain the normal demand of molten aluminum flow control.
4. In the normal filtering process, avoid knocking and vibrating the filter plate. At the same time, the launder should be filled with molten aluminum to avoid excessive or small disturbance of the molten aluminum.
5. After filtering is completed, remove the filter plate in time and clean the filter box.

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