Ceramic Filter Suppliers Product plays a very important role in the aluminum liquid purification system, which can effectively remove the large inclusions in the aluminum liquid and effectively reduce the size of the micro inclusions.
It can improve the surface quality and product performance of aluminum products, improve the effect of microstructure and increase output. It is widely used in precision casting of aluminum alloys such as aviation and transportation.
The Ceramic Filter for aluminum castings adopts a three-dimensional mesh structure. The organic carrier is connected with the pores to invade the special thixotropic and special ZrO2 high-quality molten material. The automatic extrusion technology with the correct center distance of four squares is used to make the slurry evenly coated on the foam of the carrier. .
On the skeleton, it is baked and cured at a high temperature of 1680°C, and has an extended cotton body sealing edge.

Ceramic Filter Suppliers Product is installed in the filter box and used for the filtration of aluminum alloy liquid impurities to meet the needs of aluminum alloy precision casting for the production of high value-added, high-tech performance aviation and transportation. Such as: computer hard drives, printed PS bases, materials that can be made, fan blades of jet turbine engines and other products.

Ceramic Filter Suppliers Product

The basic structure of the ceramic filter plate: The ceramic filter plate is composed of a plate base, a positioning seat, an air outlet and a surface film.

The alumina ceramic foam filter used for aluminum castings is one of the core components of the ceramic filter. It is a new type of porous functional ceramic material, which is covered with crisscross capillary holes (about 1 to 10 microns in diameter). This is the channel for filtrate. This component is called the board base layer. 2. The composition of the ceramic filter plate is silicon carbide, corundum and other materials. The main components of the ceramic filter plate outlet and the positioning base are composed of stainless steel or polymer materials.

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