Buy Foundry Filter For Liquid Aluminum including of 80% based on the presence of flaky Al2O3, MgO, Al2MgO4 like.

Inclusion formation and ingredients, lining and chute material, furnace gas composition, refining and casting technology and other related.
The presence of a small amount of the fine inclusions can play a lower crystallinity degree of supercooling, promote nucleation.
But the intensity of excessive presence of inclusions would ingot or products, plastic, corrosion resistance, anodic oxidation and appearance adversely affect the quality.
At the same time, the inclusion of parasitic gases (mainly hydrogen), will cause pinholes products, loose, cracks and other defects. Thus, cleaning is the key process of aluminum and aluminum smelting.

Buy Foundry Filter to remove large inclusions in the molten aluminum liquid, and adsorb micron-sized fine inclusion particles, and play a role in improving surface quality, product performance, improving microstructure, and improving yield. It is widely used in the production of aluminum profiles, aluminum foils, aluminum alloys, etc.

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