Advantages and importance of aluminum alloy car structure

For automobiles, in addition to saving fuel, the lightweight all-aluminum alloy body can squeeze out the ultimate power and handling performance.
Generally speaking, under the condition of constant power, the lighter the car, the faster the speed, the more sporty, and the cornering of the curve will be reduced.
At the same strength, lighter cars are safer.

automobile aluminum alloy frame
The heavier the body, the stronger the inertia, the greater the impact force that it will bear after the accident, and the more serious the consequences of the accident.

Of course, the aluminum alloy body also has many disadvantages, such as the cost of building a car will be very high.
One is that aluminum itself is more expensive, and the price of some aluminum alloys is even higher than gold. The second is just mentioned. The production process is more complicated and there are more technical difficulties. Therefore, all aluminum bodies are basically used in luxury high-end vehicles.
So is the aluminum body really important?

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AdTech Using three-dimensional network structure and connected pores organic foam as a carrier and immerse into thixotropic special Al2O3 molten material slurry, using four correction center distance and automatic extrusion, the slurry evenly deposited in the foam, after 1320 ℃ Drying and solidification.

Application of aluminum alloy in body manufacturing
Now a trend in automobile manufacturing is to use aluminum and other materials to make large cover plates in the body to reduce the weight of the vehicle, such as the hood, roof, and door panels.

Second, the advantages of aluminum alloy in body manufacturing
There are many advantages and characteristics of aluminum alloy in the new body.Although these characteristics are not necessarily good, the performance exceeds traditional steel body.It has many advantages not only in terms of reducing body weight, but also importantly reducing fuel consumption. Improve vehicle maneuverability.

Third, aluminum body welding
Due to the unique physical and chemical properties of aluminum alloys, a series of difficulties and characteristics will arise during the welding process. When welding aluminum, we must consider its special properties.

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