Hydrovolt builds the world’s leading car battery recycling plant in Norway

Hydrovolt has started to build the world’s leading battery recycling plant in Norway. The plant will have the capacity to process more than 8,000 tons of automotive battery modules each year, and it is possible to expand the scale. The project is scheduled to start operations at the end of 2021. Hydrovolt and Northvolt have invested 120 million Norwegian kroner in the plant through the joint venture Hydrovolt.

Hydrovolt is building Norway’s first factory to recycle electric car batteries, located in the town of Fredrikstad.

Fredrik Andresen, CEO of Hydrovolt, said: “Norway has long been a global leader in the use of electric vehicles. At the beginning of 2021, more than half of the cars sold in Norway were electric vehicles. We became the first country in the world to sell more than half of electric vehicles. Therefore, we should also strive to be a world leader in the recycling of used car batteries after electric cars are scrapped.”

The plant will use 100% renewable energy and adopt a large-scale automatic process for crushing and sorting batteries. Through further expansion, the plan will also process other types of batteries in addition to car batteries, including batteries from the maritime sector across Europe.

Arvid Moss, Executive Vice President of Hydro Energy and Corporate Development, said: “Batteries play a key role in the world’s transition to renewable energy. Through Hydrovolt, we are laying the foundation for a circular supply chain for batteries in Europe.”

The Norwegian company Batteriretur, located near the Hydrovolt plant in Fredrikstad, will supply the batteries and operate the plant. Operations will be closely integrated with the existing businesses of Hydro and Northvolt. The aluminum in used batteries will be recycled and reused by Hydro, while the “black materials” containing lithium, manganese, nickel and cobalt will be reused in Northvolt’s battery production or sold to other parties. The Hydrovolt plant will be one of the most technologically advanced battery recycling companies in the world.

Emma Nehrenheim, Chief Environmental Officer of Northvolt, said: “The world needs large-scale production of green batteries with a small carbon footprint Z. This requires the support of the recycling process to achieve recycling and further improve the environmental condition of batteries. Hydrovolt represents a key on this road. milestone.”

Hydro and Northvolt formed Hydrovt in the summer of 2020. In November 2020, Hydrovolt received 43.5 million Norwegian kroner support from Enova. Enova is an enterprise supported by the Norwegian government for clean energy and climate work.


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