Foundry Ceramic Foam Filter

Aluminium Foundry Ceramic Foam Filter is mainly used for filtration of aluminum and alloys in foundries and cast houses. With the excellent resistance to attack and corrosion from molten aluminum, the filter can effectively remove inclusions, reduce trapped gas and provide laminar flow and then the filtered metal is significantly cleaner. Cleaner metal results in higher-quality castings, lesser scrap, and fewer inclusion defects, all of which contribute to bottom-line profit.

Aluminium Foundry Ceramic Foam Filter adopt unique technology and raw materials formula.
The heat resistance, filtration efficiency and strength parameters are all beyond standard requirement. With highly innovative ability and years of cooperation with scientific research institutions, Foundry Ceramic Foam Filter are in accordance with foundry industry development and can greatly help users to improve castings quality and reduce cost.

Besides the general specification, Adtech can offer the product according to the customers requirements. Even aperture, high porosity, proper sinter, high strength of anti-flexing and anti-compression, effective filtering. It is widely applied to the aluminium fusant filter equipment of continuous casting, half-continuous casting, gravity casting, and low pressure casting.

Aluminium Foundry Ceramic Foam Filter Specifications
*even aperture, high porosity, proper sinter
*high strength of anti-flexing and anti-compression

Aluminium Foundry Ceramic Foam Filter Production Process
*three-dimensional network structure and connected pores organic foam
*using four correction center distance and automatic extrusion
*1320o C Drying and solidification

Aluminium Foundry Ceramic Foam Filter Application
*Effectively remove and absorb impurities
*Improve the surface quality, product performance and microstructure effectiveness.
*Mainly used in the domestic, construction, electricity, condensing tubes, cable and other aluminum alloy precision casting.

Foundry Ceramic Foam Filter

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