Who Makes Foundry Filters? sales@adtechamm.com provides Ceramic Foam Filter, Tap Out Cone, Degassing Unit, CFF Unit, Castertip, Launder, hop-top casting for molten aluminum.

It is used to filter aluminum and non-ferrous metal alloys in foundries, especially in the primary and secondary processing of molten metals, as well as the filtration of castings in foundries.

Advantages of ceramic foam filter
1. Filter impurities, such as slag, sand, oxide film, ceramic inclusions
2. Smooth filling can convert turbulent flow into laminar flow and minimize the re-oxidation of metal
3. There is more space on the model board and less metal circulation
4. Reduce the risk of mold erosion in the gate system
5. Reduce the influence of human factors (casting experience, unskilled labor, process safety)
6. Improve the physical properties and surface quality of castings

Who Makes Foundry Filters

Who Makes Foundry Filters?
The product has excellent thermal shock resistance, high strength, high porosity and specific surface area.
It can increase the specific surface area between the molten metal and Ceramic Foam Filters, thereby improving its adsorption capacity and the ability to capture tiny impurities, thereby taking away non-metallic impurities and gases, making the metal stable and purifying the metal liquid.

Features: high mechanical strength, good heat resistance, can remove metal impurities in molten metal, refractory waste, solid refractory alloy, sintered ore when casting products, reduce vent holes in castings, improve casting quality, reduce casting costs, and increase productivity.
Therefore, Jintai ceramic filters are widely used in foundry/cast metallurgical plants of steel, iron, copper and aluminum.

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