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Operating rules for aluminum alloy round casting ingot casting process

1. Melt preparation
The furnace should be finished before adding materials, and all the materials should be prepared.
Newly built or overhauled furnaces must be dried before production.

2. Ingredients and preparation
The choice of raw materials must be strictly controlled.
The raw materials required for the ingredients, including aluminum ingots, magnesium ingots, metal silicon, and intermediate alloys, must be clear. Those without clear marks must be sampled to verify the ingredients before use.
First-level scrap: ingot cutting head, tail cutting, residual aluminum casting in the furnace in the casting workshop of our factory, composition analysis and low-trust sampling
Aluminum ingot: the grade is not less than 99.9%.
Self-made Al-Si intermediate alloy, each furnace has laboratory composition value.
Copper, chromium, iron, manganese, titanium and other metal additives, according to the percentage content provided by their suppliers.
The above-mentioned raw materials must be dry, clean, and free of water, soil, oil, etc.

3. Requirements for the use of raw materials and auxiliary materials

Aluminum ingot is above 99.90%, aluminum-silicon alloy is above level III, magnesium ingot is above level III, nitrogen is 99.99%, aluminum-titanium-boron wire contains more than 5% titanium, slagging agent, refining agent, and ceramic filter plate must meet relevant regulations.
Addition of raw materials: Mg- in the form of pure magnesium
Si- in the form of an intermediate alloy
Ti- in the form of aluminum titanium boron wire

Use Ceramic Foam Filter Manufacturers

Use Ceramic Foam Filter Manufacturers

Check whether the furnace is clean before feeding. Clean the slag and oxides on the wall, furnace corner, and furnace bottom with a shovel.
After the furnace is stopped, if the furnace is in a cold state, the furnace should be preheated to bring the furnace temperature to about 700-800 ° C;

Firstly add an appropriate amount of waste profiles or other debris to make the bottom, preferably it can be added to about 500mm away from the feeding port, and then add large scraps such as pressure surplus, and ignited and melted at the same time, after the ignition, the bottom material in the shaft furnace will fall quickly. Add larger scraps such as partial pressure.
Immediately after the addition of aluminum ingots, aluminum ingots can be continuously or intermittently fed, but the empty furnace section of the furnace must not exceed 400mm.
Immediately after the aluminum ingot is added, the thicker leftover material such as the pressure surplus is added, and the furnace lid is closed. After melting, open the temperature for about 20 minutes, and start adding thinner scraps such as waste profiles after stirring.
At the same time, the shaft section of the shaft furnace should be kept smaller during the day, and the furnace cover can be closed after the leftover material is added.

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