Buy Ceramic Filter Manufacturers with non-stick aluminum features for aluminium and filtration is the core component of the ceramic filter.

Uniform pore size distribution, high filtration accuracy, up to 0.1 micron, good self-cleaning, no pollution.
Easy to regenerate, can be brushed, sanded, rinsed and backwashed.
Microporous ceramic filter is based on diatomaceous earth as the main raw material, after molding. High-temperature sintering advanced filter material.
Buy Ceramic Filter Manufacturers which is suitable for industrial solid-liquid separation, material dewatering.

The material is uniformly covered with silver ions and has antibacterial and antiseptic effects.
Buy Ceramic Filter Manufacturer which can effectively remove bacteria, fine-grained impurities, and viruses from the water.
Ceramic Filter can be widely used in the application of water, mineral water purification, sterilization, and sterile water for medical and electronics industries. Water, high purity water plug preparation, etc.

The main features of the Ceramic Filter are as follows
1. Filtration precision covers fine filtration, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis;
2. High mechanical strength, stable chemical properties, good wear resistance, low resistance, resistance to clogging, and easy recoil;
3, high efficiency, high yield, uniform and stable filter aperture.

Buy Ceramic Filter Manufacturers

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