Use Foam Filter Manufacturers with the advantage that the bending strength which is used for larger castings or longer casting times.
Custom tailored solutions are available on request in Foam Filter Manufacturers Adtech China( Adtech offers Al2O3 ceramic foam filter in the porosities PPI 10-80. The choice of porosity depends on the grade of cleanness, which should be achieved.

Commonly, Ceramic Foam Filter Manufacturers Adtech provides PPI 10 to PPI 80 used in a daily production, as these porosities offer a good relation between filtration capacity and filtration efficiency.
For casting with very high demands on mechanical strength and/ or surface appearance (e.g. for automotive applications), the use of PPI 30 filters may be recommended.

Choosing the right size from Aluminium Foundry Ceramic Foam Filter Manufacturers
The following two basic rules are valid for ceramic foam filter in aluminum casting applications: Filter capacity: approx. 14.2-28.4 lb/in2 Casting speed: approx. 0.7- 1.42 lb/in2*s

Use Foam Filter Manufacturers

It is not recommended to position the ceramic foam filter at the bottom of the CFF box unit, as the risk of filter breakage is significantly increased.
When ceramic foam filter is used, it is recommended to use a “pressure-free” casting system, to prevent re-oxidation of the molten Aluminum while casting.

Adtech China note: All the information above should be considered as a guideline, not as guaranteed.
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