Portugal China Foundry Filter is used for high-precision filtration and purification of aluminum smelter products such as aluminum rods, aluminum ingots, and aluminum foils.
There is a sealing lining around the aluminum ceramic casting filter, which acts on the filter plate and the filter box.
Prevent liquid aluminum from leaking from the contact surface.

Portugal China Foundry Filter

Foundry Filter can effectively remove large inclusions in liquid aluminum, adsorb micron-level particles of small inclusions, improve the surface quality of aluminum rods, aluminum ingots, and aluminum foils, and improve product performance. It is widely used in aluminum profiles, aluminum foils, aluminum alloys and other production fields. .

How to choose Portugal China Foundry Filter
The specifications of the alumina porous filter are selected according to the flow rate per unit time and the total amount of liquid per unit time.
According to the cleanliness requirements of the final molten aluminum, porous alumina filters are used. The higher the cleanliness requirements of molten aluminum, the smaller the selected pore size, which puts forward new requirements for the structure and material of the foam ceramic filter.

Instructions for use of aluminum ceramic filter
Preheat the filter bowl and ceramic foam filter with electricity or gas for 15-30 minutes to make the temperature close to molten aluminum. The preheating temperature of the ceramic foam filter should be above 260℃. The expanded cotton will be sealed after preheating. This process enables the ceramic foam filter to be stably fixed in molten aluminum. Preheating will also open the pores of the ceramic foam filter to avoid blockage caused by thermal expansion and contraction.
Check and clean the surface of the filter bowl to keep it clean and intact.
Gently place the filter element in the filter bowl, and press the gasket around the filter element by hand to prevent the aluminum liquid from dispersing or floating.
Observe the change in the height of the molten aluminum and maintain the flow rate of the molten aluminum required by the standard. The height of molten aluminum is 100-150mm during normal startup. When molten aluminum flows, the height drops below 75-100mm, and then slowly increases.
Do not knock or shake the ceramic foam filter when filtering. At the same time, control the flow rate of the aluminum liquid in the washing tank, not too large or too small.
After filtering, take out the foam ceramic filter in time and clean the filter cartridge.

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