Monaco China Foundry Filter plays a very important role in improving the quality of aluminum ingot and aluminum rod castings. It can effectively filter non-metallic inclusions in molten aluminum once or twice, thereby reducing slag holes, improving the mechanical properties of castings, and reducing processing allowances.

After the aluminum alloy material is mixed with slag, the performance of the alloy deep-processed parts will be destroyed, and the yield will be reduced, which will cause a certain economic loss.
In production, it is required to adopt the method of slag removal and filtration to eliminate the slag inclusion as much as possible.
Slag inclusions in aluminum alloy castings are one of the main factors affecting the quality of deep-processed products.
The quality of the product directly affects its market share and economic benefits.
In order to survive and develop, it is necessary to increase the added value of products and carry out deep processing.

Monaco China Foundry Filter

There are many reasons for molten aluminum contamination.
1. During the smelting process, the molten or semi-melted state of the atmosphere furnace exposed to aluminum is easy to oxidize, react with water vapor and absorb hydrogen, and easily form various forms of non-metallic slag (such as lining fragments, chlorides, carbides in Changes, etc.) and coarse intermetallic particles, etc.
2. Part of the waste that constitutes the cost brings some non-aluminum impurities in the recycling process.
Because the waste comes from process waste and waste from various processes in the factory, as well as waste outside the factory, the route is different, the composition is complicated, and the quality is poor.
The above-mentioned impurities often produce bubbles and inclusions in the cast slab, which seriously affect the purity of the molten metal, and further affect the processing performance, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and appearance quality of the product.

Monaco Aluminium uses our company’s alumina foam ceramic filter plate to filter molten aluminum, duralumin slag and other impurities. The ingot has been greatly reduced, the continuity of the metal has been improved, the mechanical properties have been improved, and the yield of extruded profiles has been steadily improving. , And the service life of the mold has been greatly strengthened, reduced scratches, and brought them better economic benefits.

Monaco China Foundry Filter filtration and purification mechanism research
1. Through mechanical filtration, such as screening inertial impact interception, diffusion interception, friction, settlement, etc., the filtration efficiency is proportional to the mesh of the foam ceramic. The smaller the grid, the stronger the ability to intercept small particles.
2. The effect of precipitation layer or filter cake layer. With the deposition and interconnection of particles in the melt and the uneven grid supporting walls, the ability to trap foreign particles has been improved.
3. Because the surface grid frame on the rough surface formed by the gap increases the interface between the aluminum liquid stream and the ceramic solid surface, it can promote the flow of particles in the aluminum liquid stream to be more disordered, which is conducive to the capture and capture of solid particles. Deposition.

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