Molten Aluminum Filter Sacheta Metals is mainly used in the aluminum alloy casting industry in civil sectors such as electronics, furniture, solar equipment, construction, and industrial sectors such as automobiles and high-tech.
It is widely used in the metallurgy and foundry industries of non-ferrous aluminum.

Molten Aluminum Filter is mainly used in aluminum production and aluminum refining process.
The application of aluminum products to high-quality ceramic filter plates will be more extensive. Our ceramic filter plate adopts the formula and technology of many well-known foreign companies, and hires top research talents from domestic counterparts. Import advanced foreign production equipment and some well-developed raw materials. Fully meet or exceed the performance level of similar foreign products.

Molten Aluminum Filter Sacheta Metals

How Molten Aluminum Filter Sacheta Metals works
1. Molten Aluminum Filter can effectively remove large liquid aluminum inclusions.
2. Molten Aluminum Filter can remove small inclusions of several micrometers in aluminum liquid that are weak in conventional processes. At the same time, the small splint material is filtered, because the number of effective liquid aluminum nuclei is reduced, the liquid aluminum is nucleated and expanded under freezing conditions, the solidification time is shortened, and the structure is refined.
3. Molten Aluminum Filter reduces the hydrogen content in molten aluminum. Hydrogen can be adsorbed on some oxide inclusions, and the mixed oxide core can grow into bubbles and inclusions, so its removal gas can also be filtered.

AdTech is a Sino-foreign joint venture integrating R&D, production and service of metallurgical materials.
AdTech is located in Wen County, China, covering an area of ​​more than 700, with a total area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters of existing standardized factory buildings and warehouses.
The office building covers an area of ​​1988 square meters with a registered capital of 12 million yuan. AdTech serves customers from the Middle East (Bahrain Aluminum, Dubai Aluminum, Middle East Cable), Southeast Asia (Qili, GVA, Jindal, China Aluminum, China Zhongwang), Europe (Hydro, Rusal), etc. Edtech has established a long-term cooperative relationship and is a functional material supplier and solution provider for the global metallurgy and foundry industries.


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