Molten Aluminum Filter Ucin Aluminium has a rather tortuous path due to its structure. The pores can pass through the molten metal of the aluminum alloy and retain slag and other types of contaminants.
In the end, this Molten Aluminum Filter showed excellent efficiency when filtering metal against the background of filters of different structures used in the foundry industry.

Molten Aluminum Filter Ucin Aluminium

Inclusions in aluminum melt
The existence of non-metallic inclusions in aluminum melt is not conducive to the production of high-quality castings. The mechanical properties of high-strength aluminum alloys are very sensitive to nicks or defects in the casting.
Molten Aluminum Filter Ucin Aluminium effectively reduces the level of inclusions and the subsequent notch effect caused by inclusions. Traditional techniques for removing inclusions are ineffective, and the use of metal or fiber barriers is not enough to keep metals away from harmful non-metals.
High-quality castings often limit the acceptability of surface defects found in dye penetrant inspection. Studies have shown that the level of such defects is reduced when ceramic foam filtration is involved. It has been noted that the indications are significantly reduced or completely eliminated.
Another benefit of using ceramic foam filters is that it reduces non-metallic x-ray evidence. In these cases, the presence of x-ray defects is often the basis for rejecting expensive castings. The most important benefit is the reduction of defects visible in areas designated as “structural critical”.

Among various types of metal oxide ceramics, alumina has the best high temperature stability.
Most suitable for ceramic coatings and high temperature refractory products.
The thermal conductivity of alumina is the lowest among ordinary ceramic materials, and its thermal expansion coefficient is relatively close to that of metal materials.

Ucin Aluminium visited the AdTech factory and had an in-depth exchange with our technical staff. Visited the production line of degassing device, filter box, Molten Aluminum Launder, cast ceramic filter, and hot top product.

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