Foam Ceramic Filter Fjardaal Alcoa removes various forms of non-metallic slag and coarse intermetallic composite particles through the aluminum smelting process.

The content, shape and distribution of inclusions in the alloy are important factors affecting its plasticity.
Large particles of inclusions make the block structure discontinuous, reduce the air tightness of the material, and become the source of corrosion. During the manufacturing process, it often becomes the source of cracks, significantly reducing the strength and plasticity of the material.

Process engineers believe that some inclusions in aluminum alloys come directly from batches, most of which are produced during melting and casting, mainly oxide inclusions.
All inclusions before casting are called primary oxidation inclusions.
According to the size, it can be divided into two categories:
1. The uneven distribution of large inclusions in the macrostructure makes the alloy structure discontinuous, reduces the compactness of the casting, becomes the source of corrosion cracking, and greatly reduces the strength and plasticity of the alloy.
2. The fine and scattered inclusions cannot be completely removed after refining. They increase the viscosity of molten metal and reduce the supply capacity of molten aluminum during solidification.

Foam Ceramic Filter Fjardaal Alcoa

Mannvit and CBN have formed a team as Indonesian partners of Mannvit, Kemía and Ísor. They have been working to build a pilot plant for the treatment of geothermal water to reduce the scaling of PT Geo Dipa Energi (Persero) geothermal expansion in Indonesia. Ang’s power plant. This summer, the pilot project was put into operation, aiming to test the treatment of geothermal water before the design and construction of the expansion unit of the geothermal power plant to reduce silica fouling.

The role of Mannvit and Iceland consultants is to provide a complete solution, including: design and engineering, manufacturing, operation and commissioning, and training in plant operation.

According to Thorsteinn Sigmarsson, Mannvit’s Asian Marketing Director and geothermal expert, the pilot plant has been successfully operated and he has done extensive work on the design and installation of the power station in Dieng.

The operation of Dieng 1 already in place was severely affected by scale, so Geo Dipa Energi hired a consulting team from Iceland to assist in solving the problem before designing the next stage of the power plant. The consultants in the team have extensive experience in treating scaling. Mannvit employees from Iceland and their office in Jakarta, Indonesia worked closely with other members of the Iceland consulting team and Geo Dipa Energi employees throughout the process.

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