Foam Ceramic Filter Iceland Casting is specially developed by AdTech for purifying molten aluminum. The aluminum liquid flows through the tortuous and porous three-dimensional foam structure, and the tiny pollutants are captured, adsorbed, deposited and firmly adhered to the pore walls, filtering out the micron-level pollutants in the aluminum liquid, and dissolving the sensitivity of aluminum.

In summary, the application of scrap aluminum 6063 Foam Ceramic Filter Iceland Casting can effectively remove various inclusions in molten aluminum, greatly improve the purity of the metal, thereby improving product quality and reducing costs. The productivity has been improved to varying degrees, the operation is simple, the process is easy to control, does not require excessive investment, and it is worthy of popularization and application.
This product is suitable for all aluminum production departments, including the manufacture of thin plates, strips, foils, rods, tubes, wires, extrusions, forgings, raw aluminum ingots, secondary aluminum ingots and even continuous casting billets.

Foam Ceramic Filter Iceland Casting

Foam Ceramic Filter Iceland Casting
When the ceramic filter plate filters the molten aluminum, the molten aluminum flows through the tortuous holes of the ceramic filter plate, and the non-metallic impurities and oxide film (commonly known as slag) in the molten aluminum are affected by axial pressure and friction. And the surface of molten aluminum. The combined effect of the slag is maintained in the inner surface of the hole and the gap cavity of the ceramic filter plate, thereby separating the slag and the molten aluminum.
After a period of filtering time, the slag remaining on the ceramic filter plate also participates in the adsorption of the slag, playing a filtering role.
Since the performance of the slag adsorbed on the ceramic filter plate is exactly the same as that of the slag to be adsorbed in the aluminum liquid, the surface area ratio is much larger than that of the ceramic filter plate, and the surface activity is also good. It is much larger than the ceramic filter plate.
Therefore, the ability to adsorb and trap molten slag in molten aluminum is much greater than that of ceramic filter plates. This allows the ceramic filter plate to filter out fine slag that is many times smaller than its own pores.

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