Continuous Casting Machine installation is the installation and commissioning of special equipment for continuously casting aluminum liquid into aluminum ingots with prescribed shapes and weights.
Aluminum ingot equipment is one of the main equipment of electrolytic aluminum factory.
Small aluminum plants generally use tilting mobile ingot casting machines, and large aluminum plants mostly use semi-continuous ingot casting equipment.
The former has a simple structure and low productivity; the latter implements automatic control of the main processes, and has good product quality and high productivity.
Semi-continuous ingot casting equipment is composed of aluminum liquid flow control device, aluminum liquid chute, distributor, slag picker, ingot conveyor, printer, demoulding device, cooling pump, receiving device, cooling water tank, stacker, finished product conveyor, It consists of baler, abnormal discharge device, hydraulic station, siphon crane and operation panel.

Continuous Casting Machine installation sequence
Frame and track → ingot conveyor → cooling conveyor → finished product conveyor → aluminum chute → demoulding mechanism → slag picker → abnormal discharge device → stacker → baler → siphon crane → hydraulic station → operation panel.

Continuous Casting Machine

Continuous Casting Machine installation requirements
(1) The frame should be placed in sections and connected with bolts to form a whole.
A plurality of hydraulic jacks are arranged under the frame, and the synchronous action can lift the frame to the required elevation and adjust the vertical and horizontal center of the frame.
Weld the substrate on the bottom of the frame legs, and then grouting, the grouting layer should be about 10mm higher than the substrate.
(2) The longitudinal and horizontal levels of the track, the gauge of the two tracks, and the relative elevation difference should all comply with the relevant specifications.
Rail joints should be welded, and the inside and top surfaces of the joints should be smoothed after welding.
When the joints are connected by fish plate, the joint positions of the two parallel rails should be staggered, and the staggered distance should not be equal to the spacing of the supporting rollers.
(3) The center of each conveyor should coincide with the longitudinal center of the rack and the center of the track.
(4) The casting mold needs to be installed with special tires. The end plate of the casting mold and the end plate of the rotating shaft of the roller should be parallel, the contact surface should be smooth, and the bearing seat of the rotating shaft should slide flexibly on the track, and there should be no deviation or jamming.
(5) There should be proper clearance between the two ends of the transmission chain shaft and the casing, the two sprocket shafts should be parallel, the chain is suitable for tightness and good meshing. The slider of the tensioning device should closely cooperate with the slideway. The chain drive should run smoothly without noise or stagnation.
(6) The positioning of the aluminum liquid chute, floating balance, and release agent spraying device must meet the process requirements; the center of the chute and the center of the floating scale should coincide, and the difference in height between the two should be free to swing the floating scale without overflowing the aluminum liquid. The stopper shall adjust the cylinder stroke according to the regulations and be perpendicular to the upper plane of the casting machine frame. The release agent nozzle should be aligned with the center of the mold.
(7) The cylinder stroke of the demoulding mechanism should be adjusted properly. The hammer head should be aligned with the center of the mold, and the end surface of the hammer head should be evenly contacted with the back of the mold.
(8) The positioning of the slag picker must be accurate, the blade cannot be reversed, and the descending stroke must reach the depth of the slag picker. The gap between the guide rail and the carriage must be appropriate, and the return speed should be adjusted to the design value. Pneumatic components and pipelines should be cleaned, purged, and tested for pressure.
(9) The positioning of the photoelectric inspection system of the abnormal discharge device should be accurate. The transmission roller should be flexible in rotation, the transmission chain should be tight and the meshing should be good. Pneumatic mechanisms such as clamping, turning, and ejecting should have proper strokes and reliable movements.
(10) The columns of the stacking and bundling unit should be vertical, and the upper and lower beams should be horizontal. The trolley tracks should be parallel, and the trolley should run freely on it without jamming. The stroke of the ingot arranging and clamping mechanism should be appropriate, the clamping force should be moderate, and the action should be accurate and reliable. (11) When installing the siphon crane, pay special attention to the tightness of the joint surface of the siphon tube, and no air leakage is allowed.

Trial run
After each part is installed and adjusted, the trial operation should be carried out in the order of single machine, then linkage, first no load and then load.
For variable-speed equipment, the maximum speed trial run time should not be less than 60% of the total trial run time; during operation, the temperature of bearings, lubricants and cooling water should be within the specified range.
The sealing parts of hydraulic and pneumatic components shall be free of leakage. The operation of interlocking device, pressure regulation, speed regulation, reversing, etc. should be flexible and reliable, and the thrust, stroke and speed of the actuator should meet the design requirements.
When starting, reversing, changing speed, and stopping, the movement should be stable, and there should be no crawling, jumping and impact phenomena.
Transmission parts should be well meshed, no noise, no heat, no jamming, collision and other phenomena.

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