Degassing Process In Die Casting

Degassing Process In Die Casting Introduction
Aluminum liquid degassing machine, aluminum water slag removing machine is the auxiliary equipment for casting and casting, divided into fixed aluminum liquid refining machine, hoisting type deaerator and mobile aluminum water degassing and slag removing machine, which can be customized according to the customer’s furnace equipment height processing. Different working modes can be divided into motor lifting degasser and hydraulic mechanical lifting degasser.

The large inert gas bubble is broken up into very fine small bubbles by a rotor rotating at a high speed by a graphite rotor and ejecting an inert gas, and is uniformly dispersed in the molten metal. By reducing the diameter of the bubbles, the total surface of these bubbles actively increases, which causes more of the surface of the inert bubble to come into contact with hydrogen and impurities in the molten metal to bring these harmful substances to the surface of the liquid.

The utility model also has a circular heat insulating cover with a central hole, and a bracket and a lifting ring are arranged on the heat insulating cover. The hollow rotating shaft is vertically placed in the heat preservation center through a bearing disposed on the bracket.
And the blowing rotor passes through the central hole of the heat insulating cover. The thread is connected with the central rotating shaft, and the motor is arranged on the bracket, and the hollow rotating shaft is driven by the pulley speed reducing device.
The top end of the hollow rotating shaft is connected with the blowing hose through a universal joint. The deaerator has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, good heat preservation and convenient operation, and is well received by customers.

The transmission system drives the graphite rotor to rotate, and the argon or nitrogen gas is blown into the aluminum melt through the rotor rod and the nozzle.
The high-speed rotating graphite rotor breaks up the argon or nitrogen entering the aluminum melt to form a lot of small bubbles, which are dispersed in the molten metal.
The rotating rotor also promotes the diffusion of hydrogen and inclusions in the aluminum melt to make it contact with the bubbles.
The bubbles in the melt rely on the gas partial pressure difference and the surface adsorption principle, absorb the hydrogen in the melt, adsorb the oxidized slag, and It is taken out of the melt surface as the bubble rises, allowing the melt to be purified.
The graphite rotor can work continuously in the aluminum melt at about 750 °C with the speed of 200r/min~400r/min.
The graphite quality itself has a significant effect on the service life of the rotor, and the anti-oxidation coating is applied on the surface. Layer, the service life can be extended to 2-3 months.

Degassing Process In Die Casting

Degassing Process In Die Casting – Refinement and Degassing
a) The refining temperature is between 720 and 750 degrees Celsius.
b) The refining agent is calculated according to the total mass of the aluminum melt from 0.1% to 0.2%, put into the refining cylinder, open the duster switch, and pass nitrogen gas. When the refining tube is sprayed with the refining agent, it can be inserted. The aluminum liquid in the furnace moves slowly at 3/4. Striving for stability, leaving no dead ends, not allowed to touch the bottom of the furnace, the height of the spray is controlled below 15mm, and the time is controlled to be more than 15 minutes (nitrogen usage is 1-2 bottles per furnace).
c) Refining, degassing, slag and letting stand for 20-30 minutes before casting aluminum liquid.
d) After the aluminum slag is removed from the furnace, it should be quickly transferred to the slag pot. According to the amount of 1-2 kg of slag slag agent per furnace aluminum slag, the slag agent is sprinkled onto the aluminum slag, and the slag is immediately slag. The metal is separated from the aluminum slag, the aluminum water is poured into the cast iron mold, and solidified into an aluminum ingot for use.
e) When refining, turn off the burner’s oil gun and suspend heating.
f) In continuous production, after discharging a furnace of aluminum liquid, plug the aluminum water outlet to carry out the feeding and melting process of the lower furnace.

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