Aluminum Billet Mold Technology

Billet Mold technology is second in product quality only to the AirSlip Air Casting Technology.
Molds have been designed, tested, and proven to meet or exceed all but the most restrictive end-product requirements.
The key advantage to NuMax technology is that it offers significantly improved productivity to the billet producer while reducing maintenance time and costs.

The direct chill (DC) casting process extracts heat through two mechanisms: first through the mold wall as the molten metal contacts it, and secondly through direct contact (or “direct chill”) with a specifically designed water pattern as the semi-solidified billet exits the mold. The bore length in NuMax molds is specifically engineered to remove heat in an effective, concentrated cooling zone. The patented Wagstaff DualJet™ Enhanced Cooling Technology delivers cooling water in a continuous pattern that optimizes surface development over a range of alloys and sizes.

NuMax molds provide excellent tribological characteristics for minimal friction and wear in operations. An important factor in the life of components is the ability to control heat flow within the mold itself. With NuMax, water flows through a distribution baffle into the mold. The high velocity, turbulent flow then circulates within the mold, removing the heat transferred into the casting ring and mold body from the semi-solid aluminum. The placement and dimensions of the baffle and cooling chamber increase the effectiveness of this cooling where it is needed, and decrease it where it is not.

Aluminum Billet Mold Technology

Aluminum Billet Mold Technology Features and Benefits

Enhanced mold geometry dramatically increases cooling rate

Patented DualJet™ Enhanced Cooling

Improved starting head alignment design provides a robust alignment surface and easy in-place replacements

Robust construction – The mold is precision machined from a single piece of aluminum

Faster casting speeds as compared to molds

Faster extrusion speeds

Low maintenance requirements

Low oil consumption

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