Ceramic Foam Filter Clamp

Ceramic Foam Filter Clamp is designed and manufactured by our company are made of high-alumina refractory castables. The finished product has a large proportion and is highly resistant to erosion. And this refractory material has the following characteristics.
High-aluminum refractory castables are made of high alumina bauxite clinker (usually refractory aggregate or high alumina aggregate) and binder admixture, which has excellent performance and wide application range.

Ceramic Foam Filter Clamp is relatively simple, its performance has been very strong.
Firstly, the product made of it has high compressive strength and high volume stability under high temperature conditions.
It is dense, resistant to erosion and permeability.
High refractoriness
Good thermal shock resistance.
It has good resistance in quenching and hot environment, and chemical slag or chemical corrosion of solution can also resist.
And the construction process is convenient.

The characteristics of this type of refractory construction are as follows:
1. The low content of cement in the castable, that is, the low content of calcium oxide, reduces the generation of low-melts in the material, thereby improving the refractoriness, high-temperature strength and slag resistance of the product.
2. The mixing water consumption of the castable is only about one-half of that of the ordinary castable, thus increasing the compactness of the castable and reducing the porosity.
3. After forming and curing, the generated cement hydrate is less. When heating and baking, there is no large amount of water leakage, which reduces the medium temperature strength. However, as the temperature increases, the material gradually sinters and the strength is continuously improved.

Ceramic Foam Filter Clamp

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