Ceramic Filter Specifications are classified according to demension and Pore Size, and it can improve the quality of castings and obtain high-quality aluminum die castings.

Ceramic foam filter Dimension
660x660x50(26 inch)
584x584x50(23 inch)
508x508x50(20 inch)
432x432x50(17 inch)
381x381x50(15 inch)
305x305x50(12 inch)
228x228x50(9 inch)
178x178x50(7 inch)
Ceramic foam filter Pore Size (PPI): 10/20/30/40/50/60

The main function of the filter is to enable many aluminum melting and casting plants to remove impurities from the molten metal.
In Europe, most Ceramic Foam Filter China is used to reduce inclusions in liquid aluminum alloys. These high-grade ceramic foam filters for casting are light in weight, high in strength, and large in pore size.
The coarse filter has fewer holes per inch, has a higher possible flow rate, and has a longer resistance to blindness.
Cake filtration is the most common filtration mechanism in which the filter acts as a sieve and retains particles larger than the pore size of the filter surface.
These retained particles form a sieve and capture particles smaller than the pore size of the filter.
Because the filter cake accumulates on the surface of the filter. Once the filter cake begins to form, the original filter is only used as a support for the filter cake.
And realized the actual filtration and melting of the filter cake. As the filter cake accumulates, the pressure drop across the filter will increase, and the flow rate will drop sharply or stop. At this stage, the filter is called a blind hole or plug.

Ceramic Filter Specifications

High-quality ceramic foam filter supplier
The company provides high-quality ceramic foam filters, which can effectively improve the mechanical properties of casting materials.
By using filters to reduce the number of these inclusions, reduce the number of components that can form these cracks, thereby improving the mechanical properties of the two cast metals and reducing the diffusion of these properties.
AdTech ceramic foam filter has considerable strength in the environment and molten aluminum temperature, durable, high thermal conductivity, and chemical corrosion resistance.
They are useful in aluminum gravity casting, pressure die casting, low pressure and high performance sand casting to remove inclusions.
The manufacture of aluminum alloy meets the requirements of higher purity cast metals to improve the quality of intermediate products (foil, block, ingot, rod, profile) manufactured for final production.
Therefore, filtration helps to reduce the scrap rate and improve the quality of the final product manufacturing.
Continuous or discontinuous process of casting metal requires hundreds of tons of molten aluminum, so a large area filter is used for filtration.
30ppi 40ppi Foundry Filter is the most commonly used ceramic foam filter in the aluminum casting industry.
Ordinary aluminum casting usually uses 10-40ppi ceramic filter plates.
Aviation and high-quality aluminum materials usually use 30-60ppi ceramic filter plates.
They are placed in the liquid metal distribution system. We recommend placing the filter in a ceramic filter box and using a horizontal filter layout.
Before pouring, the filter must be fully preheated to ensure that it works correctly.

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