Ispatguru ceramic foam filter Product Specifications / Specifications
Ispatguru ceramic foam filter has the advantages of high porosity, low loss of thermal shock, high mechanical strength at normal and high temperature, large specific surface, good chemical stability and excellent filtering screen functions, filtering collection and adsorption adsorption especially for tiny impurity 1 ~ 10μm.

The three-dimensional structure can improve cast quality in a wide range by changing molten metal from a swirl flow to a thin-layered flow, removing gass and smoothing casting. Ceramic foam filter is not only applied for molten metal filtering in high temperature, but gas treatment in high temperature, catalyzer carrier, solid heat exchange and advanced filling for the chemical industry.

Nowadays, the most promising vector in the industrial field of using reticulated polyurethane foam is considered to be the manufacture of ceramic foam filters.

Using these filters, you can get rid of various additives in metal castings. During the casting process, hot metal compounds flow through the gaps of the filters, leaving all impurities on them. You can buy a ceramic foam filter at OK STROYBIS.

Ceramic Foam Filter With Fiber Blanket Sides (2)

In filters, polyurethane foam is used as a matrix, which allows to prolong the procedure by catalysis. To this end, the foam is treated with a special ceramic suspension, after which it is dried. Billets with different geometric shapes are supplied to special equipment in which the polyurethane foam matrix burns, leaving the base of the cellular type of finished ceramic products.

The mesh structure of the ceramic foam filters ensures reliable disposal of impurities. Productive filtration can be achieved even under conditions of impressive metallostatic pressure. Ceramic foam filters cannot be dispensed with during both primary and secondary melting processes. They are also installed in aluminum smelting units.

The main functions of foam filters include:

Purification of molten compounds from additives of metallic as well as non-metallic nature.
Reducing the number of oxides.
Increased fluidity of the material.
Get rid of various flaws in the metal.
Improving the quality of casting due to changes in mechanical parameters.
The unique mesh structure of filters created from polyurethane foam, they are highly effective in performing filtration, when compared with other filters involved in the foundry sector.

Ceramic foam filters demonstrate a high level of resistance to the influence of high temperature conditions, they easily absorb molten metal substances. Due to the excellent strength properties, such products can be used even without mounting auxiliary metal screens.

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