Ceramic Filter Egyptalum Mubasher In order to save production costs, cast ceramic filters are used for aluminum ingots and aluminum rods.
Ceramic plate filters are widely used at home and abroad. In order to achieve the best filtering technology, the reasonable configuration of the filter is very important.
For the production of rolled aluminum products for industry and construction, such as ingots or extruded round ingots, cast ceramic filters can only be used to meet product quality requirements. Can choose single-layer filtration or double filtration according to product requirements.

In order to produce high-quality products, Egyptalum Mubasher uses a deep filtration process configuration
Vacuum device + deep bed filter device + ceramic filter.
Ceramic Filter Egyptalum Mubasher is used before casting to avoid the loss of media due to deep filtration, causing a large amount of impurities to accompany molten aluminum casting, resulting in a lot of waste.
And according to the production and production schedule, consider the corresponding deep-base preheating method (online or offline).
The process configuration recommendations for using tubular filters: gas degassing device + tubular filters (at least two in parallel), most of the aluminum processing enterprises in Japan adopt this arrangement.
In order to achieve energy saving and emission reduction and form an “aluminum electrolysis” industrial chain, some companies use aluminum electrolysis as raw materials for alloy production.
Due to the complex impurity composition of electrolytic aluminum and more non-metallic slag, it is recommended to use a ceramic filter device in front of the tubular filter.

Ceramic Filter Egyptalum Mubasher

Metal defects caused aluminum processing deformation and damage to the mechanical properties of the final product cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the purification treatment of the aluminum melt.
Before the filter is used, the gas and slag content is too high, which will cause the foam ceramic filter to block.
Therefore, adding a vacuum device before filtering can make the aluminum liquid purification process smoother.

Egypt makes affirmative final ruling on aluminum product safeguard measures case
On April 12, 2021, the WTO Safeguard Measures Committee issued a notification.
The Egyptian investigation authority made a positive final ruling on the import of raw aluminum (Raw Aluminium (Ingots, Billets & Wire Rod)), including aluminum ingots, aluminum billets, and aluminum wire rods. It is recommended that the case be dealt with from April 15, 2021 A three-year safeguard tax is levied on products as follows: 16.5% of CIF or no less than USD 333/ton in the first year; 13.5% or no less than 271 of CIF in the second year USD/ton, 10.5% of the CIF price in the third year or no less than USD 211/ton. The Egyptian tax numbers of the products involved are 760110, 760120 and 760511.
For details of the case, please contact China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association at 010-63971860.

الترجمة العربية
مصر تصدر حكماً نهائياً إيجابياً في قضية إجراءات حماية منتجات الألمنيوم
في 12 أبريل 2021 ، أصدرت لجنة الإجراءات الوقائية لمنظمة التجارة العالمية إخطارًا.
أصدرت هيئة التحقيق المصرية حكما نهائيا إيجابيا بشأن استيراد خام الألمنيوم (سبائك, وكتل, وقضبان أسلاك) بما في ذلك سبائك الألومنيوم وقضبان الألمنيوم وقضبان أسلاك الألمنيوم, ويوصى بمعالجة القضية اعتبارا من 15 أبريل., 2021 يتم فرض ضريبة وقائية لمدة ثلاث سنوات على المنتجات على النحو التالي: 16.5% من سعر CIF أو ما لا يقل عن 333 دولارا أمريكيا للطن في السنة الأولى, و 13.5% أو ما لا يقل عن 271 CIF سعر في السنة الثانية USD / طن, 10.5% من سعر سيف في السنة الثالثة أو ما لا يقل عن 211 دولاراً للطن. الأرقام الضريبية المصرية للمنتجات المعنية هي 760110 و 760120 و 760511.
للحصول على تفاصيل الحالة ، يرجى الاتصال برابطة صناعة المعادن اللاحيدية الصينية على 010-63971860.

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