Casthouse Filtration Treatment can reduce the impurities and inclusions in the melt before casting.
The quality of aluminum melt treatment will affect the quality of steel ingot products, and affect the quality of subsequent processing and product materials.
Therefore, the aluminum melt filtration technology is an important part of the production technology of aluminum processing materials. The aluminum liquid filtering device is the application of this technology.
At present, the commonly used aluminum melt Casthouse Filtration Treatment has three types: ceramic foam filter box (CFF), deep bed filter box (DBF) and porous tube filter box (PTF).

CFF Casthouse
CFF Casthouse is composed of Casthouse and CFF. The filter box body is composed of multiple layers of refractory materials and steel structure. The refractory material in contact with the melt is generally made by one-time casting of a non-stick aluminum casting material.
Pour the ceramic foam filter plate into the plastic sponge with the mixed slurry of alumina and phosphate. The plastic sponge evaporates after drying and sintering, forming tortuous channels and pores in the filter plate.

Casthouse Filtration Treatment

Deep Bed Filter (DBF)
The deep bed filter is composed of the main body of the filter box and the main body of the deep bed filter bed. The composition of the main body of the filter box is similar to the shell of the foam ceramic filter box, but the shape of the shell is different.

Deep bed Filter

Porous Tubular Filter (PTF)
The porous tubular filter is composed of a filter box and a tube group, and its characteristics are similar to the deep bed filter box. In order to extend the use effect of the filter tube, some aluminum foundries have added a foam ceramic filter plate in front of the tubular filter, so as to filter out large-size impurities and inclusions.

Ceramic Foam Filters For Casting

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