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The large debris on the surface of the Porous Ceramic Filter is a physical screen, and the retentate and small debris are attracted to the exterior, side walls or holes of the filter under the effect of chemical affinity. As a result, impurities are effectively filtered from cast products of various sizes, including pores that are much smaller than filter impurities. Porous Ceramic Filter can comb the entire disordered molten metal flow
The flow should be smooth and clean.

Aluminum casting molten metal filter device
The filtering power of Porous Ceramic Filter is closely related to its correct installation and use. In addition, because of the filtration process, the practices and necessary measures to reduce the occurrence of inclusions in process operations such as smelting, furnace processing and casting cannot be ignored. It is also necessary to prevent re-contamination of the filtered clean aluminum liquid.

Buy Porous Ceramic Filter

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