Buy Ceramic Candle Filter for purification of molten aluminium, which is necessory for the casting process.

Ceramic Candle Filter, also known as foam ceramic foam filter, alumina ceramic filter plate, silicon carbide ceramic filter plate and so on.
Traits: three-dimensional network uniform skeletal structure, pink or white lumps.

Ceramic Candle Filter use good portiforium foam and high purity ceramic as raw material, can removes non-metal solid mixture from molten aluminium and aluminium alloy fusant effectively in your aluminium casting industry.

Ceramic Candle Filter Advantages
Ceramic Foam Filter Singapore offer the best way to eliminate non-metallic inclusions, foreign materials that are a major source of quality problems in casting. and help you meet ever increasing demands for quality.

Get rid of the impurity, refractory scrap, solid refractory alloy, sinter, in the molten metal liquid when casting the products, get rid of turbulent flow, reduce the air cavity of castings, raise the quality of cast. So our ceramic foam filters (foamed ceramics) are widely used in the aluminum foundry industry, for preventing defects caused by oxides, dross, gas, slag and other impurities.

Buy Ceramic Candle Filter

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