Kazakhstan China Foundry Filter is a special product for molten aluminum filtration for foundry. Divided into two shapes: round specifications, square specifications and weaving method: honeycomb. Ceramic foam material is a ceramic product with a foam-like porous structure. It has the characteristics of light weight, good chemical stability, large specific surface area, high through porosity, corrosion resistance, high strength, and good thermal shock resistance.

Advantages of cast ceramic foam filter
Adopting the principle of adsorption to filter, can effectively remove the large inclusions in the molten aluminum, and can effectively adsorb the small inclusions.
No fragments fall, effectively reducing the pollution of molten aluminum.
Excellent thermal shock resistance, improve the erosion resistance of molten metal.
Automatic flow production, 3 calibration procedures, accurate size, and close fit with the filter bowl.
Improve surface appearance and performance, and purify molten aluminum.

Kazakhstan China Foundry Filter effectively removes the mixture of solid and molten aluminium, so that aluminum alloy can be successfully forged, aluminum foil manufacturing, extrusion processing technology, and perfect aluminum products.

Kazakhstan China Foundry Filter

The ceramic foam filter has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, metal melting corrosion resistance, high strength, high pass rate, and large specific surface area. It is mainly used in the field of metallurgy and casting metal liquid filtration. The flow of the molten metal mixture is transferred to the field. The porous structure of the ceramic foam filter becomes uniform, smooth and clean. The molten metal fills the mold to remove micron fineness of molten steel inclusions and some enveloping gas to reduce sand erosion and reduce product scrap rate. Alumina ceramic filters can be made with different pore sizes and porosities to obtain satisfactory filtering effects.

The ceramic foam filter plate produced at the scene can effectively remove various impurities of molten aluminum. The sealing ceramic fiber gasket is attached to the filter plate, which helps to seal the filter frame of the filter to ensure that there is no molten aluminum from one side.

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