Aluminium 7075 Ceramic Foam Filtering System is used in aluminum foundries with low price and stable quality.
Swedish Aluminum said that China’s aluminum alloy ceramic filter can provide a stable supply cycle for casting.
Swedish Aluminum Corporation said that ceramic foam filters are very important for the purification of aluminum melt.
The so-called purification treatment is to take various measures to reduce unnecessary gas and solid matter in the aluminum melt to the allowable range to ensure that the performance of the material meets the standard or some special requirements.

As the adsorbent continues to accumulate and precipitate, the screen size of the filter becomes smaller, and the particle size of the adsorbable inclusions also becomes smaller, thereby improving the filtering effect.
At present, the commonly used filters are glass fiber filters, ceramic plates, ceramic tubes and foam ceramic filters.

Aluminium 7075 Ceramic Foam Filtering System

Aluminium 7075 Ceramic Foam Filtering System is a commonly used filter tool in the aluminum and non-ferrous alloy smelting industry. The ceramic filter for casting is white and made of high-purity alumina (Al2O3). The filter provides deep filtration to remove a large amount of impurities in the aluminum melt and works at dumping temperatures up to 2000°F, while the filter screen provides thorough and deep filtration to remove molten aluminum. Aluminum or non-impurity. aluminum. The black alloy flows. It has excellent thermal shock resistance while maintaining effective impurity removal through continuous and thorough filtration.

After the melt is purified by the online degassing device, there are still some insoluble inclusions in the molten aluminum, and effective filtering measures must be taken to remove the tiny inclusions in the molten aluminum in one step. Foam ceramic is a new type of ceramic filter material developed in recent years. The ceramic filter material is a ceramic slurry composed of aluminum oxide and chromium oxide, molded by polyurethane foam, and then dried and sintered. The porosity is as high as 80% ~ 90%.

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