Ceramic Foam Filter Podgorica Aluminium is widely used in the filtration and purification of various aluminum and aluminum alloy melts such as continuous casting, semi-continuous casting, and casting.

The 30ppi cast filter has natural chemical adsorption (affinity) ability for impurities such as aluminum melt oxide.
The impurities (including particles smaller than the pore size) in the molten metal are adsorbed on the inner wall of the hole to improve the filtering effect.
The advanced extrusion production process makes the Ceramic Foundry Filter have a unique square and triangular design, which increases the contact area with ceramics.
Improve the ability of the filter to absorb and capture small impurities, which is better than the non-extrusion filter, so that the molten metal flows smoothly.
Improve the pouring speed and continuity.
Reduce the casting waste rate.
Improve the mechanical properties of castings and prolong the service life.

Ceramic Foam Filter Podgorica Aluminium

Advantages of Ceramic Foam Filter Podgorica Aluminium:
1. Remove the inclusions in the aluminum casting, reduce the gas and slag in the casting, reduce the turbulence of the molten metal flow during the filling process, reduce the surface defects of the casting, and significantly reduce the rejection rate of the casting.
2. Improve the fluidity of molten metal, significantly increase the filling amount and replenishment amount of the casting, improve the surface finish of the casting, and increase the pressure and sealing performance of the casting.
3. It has high high temperature processing strength, chemical stability, thermal shock resistance and metal flow impact resistance. High chemical stability makes it unaffected by the pH of molten metal.
4. The metal flow rate is large and the flow rate is stable (different from the straight hole ceramic filter, with the increase of the trapped impurities, the flow rate gradually decreases).
Its filtering effect is much higher than other filtering elements.
5. With high dimensional accuracy, it can be used in the production line of automatic filter placement.

Podgorica Aluminium recommends using 100% scrap to produce 6063 alloy.
First, it is carried out according to the conventional melting and casting process, but half of the waste gold is filtered, and the other half is not filtered.
It was found that a large number of non-metallic inclusions were removed from the filtered steel ingot.

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