Zirconia Foam Filters perform the following functions

Purification of molten metal from metal and non-metal components;
Reducing the amount of oxides during the formation of a turbulent flow;
Increasing the fluidity of the metal;
Elimination of inclusions and metal defects;
Improving casting quality due to improved mechanical properties;
Reducing the formation of scrap and the exclusion of additional work.
All foam ceramic filters are characterized by a mesh matrix. Pores of spherical shape, the same size and volume are connected to each other, forming “windows” through their walls. Due to its structure with fairly winding paths, pores are able to pass metal and retain slag and other types of pollutants. Ultimately, such a specific structure of PPU-based filters demonstrates excellent efficiency when filtering metals against the background of filters with a different structure used in the foundry industry.

Ceramic foam filter is resistant to high temperatures and freely absorb molten metal. High strength characteristics allow the use of such filters without the installation of spare metal screens.

Zirconia Foam Filters

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