Zirconia Porous Ceramic Filter

The demand for Zirconia Porous Ceramic Filter will further increase as the aluminum industry continues to grow.

Improving the production process of Zirconia Porous Ceramic Filter and improving product performance have become the key for companies to compete for the market.
Sizing is an important process in the production process of foam ceramics. The degree of sizing directly affects the appearance, through-hole ratio and strength of ceramic filter products.
By sizing, it is meant that the ceramic foam precursor (polyurethane mesh porous sponge) is immersed in the prepared slurry, and the slurry is uniformly attached to the network of the porous sponge by hand or mechanical equipment.

Zirconia Porous Ceramic Filter
At the same time, the through-hole ratio and strength of the product are ensured by controlling the weight after sizing.
The traditional sizing method is to immerse the porous sponge in the prepared slurry and continuously knead it by the operator to attach the slurry to the meridian of the sponge.
It is then rolled back and forth on the surface with a wooden roller until the slurry is evenly distributed over the sponge meridian.
The disadvantages of this method are high labor intensity, low efficiency and uneven slurry distribution.


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