What Does A Ceramic Filter Remove? It can effectively remove inclusions in molten aluminum and absorb tiny particles of fine inclusions. Foam Ceramic Filter plays an important role in the aluminum alloy casting industry. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact sales@adtechamm.com.

It is widely used in aluminum alloy casting industry. At present, with the continuous improvement of the performance requirements of aluminum and aluminum alloy products, new requirements are continuously put forward for the aluminum liquid filtration, which requires the castings to have the characteristics of high purity, less floats, and stable aluminum liquid flow to achieve castings. Aluminum products have better physical and chemical properties and processing properties, so as to meet more stringent conditions of use and achieve the purpose of extending the service life of aluminum products.

What Does A Ceramic Filter Remove

Every process in the production of foam ceramics has an impact on the quality of foam ceramic products. Among them, key process ingredients, sponge processing, and sintering have the greatest impact on product quality. The spraying process mainly affects the product quality and appearance, but also has a certain impact on the internal quality.

The size of the slurry determines the dispersion of the spray slurry. The finer the slurry particles, the better the dispersion effect of the shotcrete, and the more uniform the shotcrete is on the green body. At the same time, the finer the particle size of the slurry, the smaller the nozzle wear. The size of the slurry particle size also determines the sintering conditions of the product surface. Generally, a slurry with a 400-mesh sieve remaining less than 0.5% is used as the sprayed slurry for the foam ceramic filter plate, and the sintering temperature of the formula is lower than that of the green body.

What Does A Ceramic Filter Remove? Ceramic foam filter can improve the cleanliness of aluminum melt. AdTech alumina ceramic foam filter can effectively eliminate large impurities and small impurities of a few microns in molten aluminum. The selection of filter plates is a technical task. And how to choose a ceramic foam filter? You can consider the following factors.

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