Paper Edge Ceramic Filter is used to filter impurities in the aluminum alloy liquid to meet the requirements of the aviation and transportation fields for high value-added, high-tech and high-performance aluminum alloy precision castings, such as computer hard drives, micron aluminum foil wool, and PS board bases. The material is used for printing, canned food, fan blades of jet turbine engines, etc.

The filtration efficiency of Paper Edge Ceramic Filter depends on the pore size of the filter plate, the size and type of inclusions, density, wetting characteristics and the speed of molten aluminum passing through the filter plate.

With the principle of adsorption and filtration, it can effectively remove large inclusions in molten aluminum, effectively adsorb tiny inclusions, improve filtration accuracy, and effectively improve product qualification rate and product quality;
Under the thermal stress of 650-720℃, the foam filter will not fall off, which can effectively reduce the pollution of molten aluminum and improve the surface quality, product performance and organization of the product;
Improve the metallurgical structure of castings and reduce impurities in castings
Improve casting qualification rate and reduce internal reoxidation defects of castings
Reduce surface defects after casting processing

Ceramic Filter Suppliers introduce Features of Paper Edge Ceramic Filter
1. Pure natural materials, physical filtration, uniform pore size, and reusable.
2 In the process of cutting the filter media sponge for final sintering, accurately control the size.
3. Uniform pore size distribution, high filtration accuracy, good cleaning conditions and no pollution.
4. High strength, sufficient mud, no debris, no damage, no filter residue
5 Mature sintering technology can ensure high fire resistance and good thermal shock resistance.

Paper Edge Ceramic Filter

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