Marubeni Korea Ceramic Foam Filter is completely sealed in alumina CFF Casthouse to ensure that all aluminum water passes through the filter plate, and the total amount of filtration must not exceed the specified limit. If the amount of slag in the aluminum water is too high, grade filtration should be used

The performance characterization results show that the through-cell ratio of the foam with modifiers exceeds 90%, and the compressive strength is as high as 2MPa. Taking into account the shape stability coefficient of the material, about 8% is added to the basic composition. Bentonite can optimize the modification effect of filters in aluminum plants.

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Excellent performance, suitable for purification and filtration of high-temperature aluminum and aluminum alloy solutions. It can filter non-metallic slag and slag as small as micrometers, and make the surface of castings smoother.
To reduce processing loss, filtering can make the aluminum liquid fill the cavity more uniformly, and the molten metal has a higher tendency of turbulence during the casting process.
Finally, the turbulent flow through the three-dimensional pore structure is transformed into a very stable laminar flow. The laminar flow can fill the cavity well, thereby reducing the metal solution pair.
Impact corrosion of the casting cavity, significantly reduce the rejection rate, reduce production costs, and improve labor productivity.

When the molten aluminum flows through the ceramic foam filters body with a complex structure, it is divided into many small streams, which increases the contact area and contact probability of the inclusions in the molten metal and the filter medium.
Because the surface of the filter is extremely small concave and convex, the size of the concave block is about 1~10um, which has the effect of electrostatic adsorption and adhesion to intercept the inclusions.

Marubeni Korea Ceramic Foam Filter

When the molten aluminum flows through the Marubeni Korea Ceramic Foam Filter, it is divided into many small unit streams, the diameter of which is small, so that the Reynolds number becomes small and the liquid flow tends to be laminar.
When the molten metal is in a laminar flow state, because the density of the molten metal is much greater than the density of the inclusions, the inclusions have sufficient time to float up and remove, that is, the foam ceramic filter can assist the runner to stop the slag.
After placing foam ceramic filter in the gating system, the resistance to the flow of the molten metal increases. The molten metal flowing in the runner is easy to form a full motion, and the flow rate is reduced, which is conducive to the floating of inclusions and staying on the top surface of the runner.

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